Drogba Goes To Moscow

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Expression, pained
Rolls in the dirt
His injury feigned
The bogus warrior
Skilled but flawed
Broke our hearts
With goals he scored
The bogus warrior
Who beat his chest
And shamed the lion
Upon his breast
The bogus warrior
Master of the craft
Red Square, red card
Oh, how we laughed



I have been impressed by the footballing abilities of Didier Drogba since I first saw him play (for Marseille v. Liverpool in 2004) but he continues to infuriate me with his constant cheating. The diving, that pathetic arching of his back as he goes down, the holding and rubbing of various body parts that have clearly not been injured, the various facial grimaces … etc.

This poem relates to the two Chelsea v. Liverpool European Cup Semi-Finals and his eventual come-uppance in Moscow. Rafael Benitez had Drogba’s card marked and so did Lubos Michel.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/drogba-goes-to-moscow/