Early Thoughts

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Some early thoughts on Paolo di Canio:
Apparently he’s not a nice man you know. *
In the early stages of the match versus Crewe
it seemed that the players didn’t know what to do.
Then we had a pen on the stroke of half time
followed by a Risser strike, truly sublime.
Paolo’s doing a kneeslide à la Jose Mourinho;
‘who needs Mourinho, we’ve got di Canio.’
Bubble of optimism burst at Cheltenham,
then second loss in the East End at Dagenham.
Thoughts turned to the derby against Oxford United;
butterflies in the stomach, mounting excitement.
But it all ended with a third defeat on the trot;
so it became crucial that we stopped the rot.
A cup tie against City was the ideal scenario
for Italian legend, Paolo di Canio.
Town played with style and passion and verve,
took the lead late on and then held their nerve.
Now he’s once more a hero that Paolo di Canio
whilst City manager Millen is cast as the villain.



Thought you might be interested in some early thoughts on new Swindon manager Paolo di Canio. His politics may be questionable, but if any manager can get the Swindon players to fight & play with the passion they showed against Bristol City the other night he’ll do for me. ( I accept this may be controversial & some could accuse me of hypocrisy!)
* With thanks to my mate Tom Barfield for this line.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/early-thoughts/