Edit Like Beckham

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I wish I had an editor,
could make my free kick bend
like Crispin’s Crew fixes my posts
when, too soon, I hit ‘send’.
She’d use a comma to slow down
a breakout on the wing,
and periods, when facing shots,
to take away their sting,
then, winning back possession,
exclamations! (break resistance)
I’d have my dream profession
could I call on such assistance.
Alas, there’d be detractors,
each supporter’s a thesaurus;
“What’s he doing there? Replace him!”
ever sounds the chorus.
Still, I wish I had an editor
to make my play more able,
clean up my mistakes,
to see me further up the table.
See, whether it’s their goal
or the Queen’s English they’re defending,
the FP Crew knows what to do,
if I am just pretending.



Thank you to the FP Editors for their able assistance in 2014. All the best for 2015. P.S. Does “FP” also stand for “Fix, please?” TM

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/edit-like-beckham/