England ladies go again.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 On the day we entrusted
Liz Truss to lead the nation
The girls win again
By a landslide, avalanche
The Lionesses roar with
Ferocious conviction
10 of the best
Against Luxembourg
Those whipping boys
Or girls
Of world football
Cowering cravenly
In a corner of Europe
Where radio
Signals once faded
In and out like the
Fluctuations of
Football fortune
But poor Luxembourg
Downtrodden as Boris
Perhaps, defeated by time
The England Lionesses
Capture their prey
With stealth and guile
Hungry and predatory
This time in World Cup
The business end
The men have Qatar
On lands of desert
At the back of their mind
Where cooler winds
Of winter
May be to their
We shall see
But well done ladies
Luxembourg, the Grand
Once of music radio
Fame, disappear from
View, 208
No more than
A medium wave
Melody from
Yesterday’s song book
Beaten into the ground
Trodden on, crushed
Into football obscurity
Once again
Our hearts are weeping
Georgia Stanway hits
Two, Beth Mead
Once again domineering
Perhaps even overbearing
A dominant force
When her country needed
10-0 in the Potteries
Lionesses pride
Boosted again
Bring on the world
For yet more



Last night England’s Lionesses thrash Luxembourg in 10-0 victory in World Cup action.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/england-ladies-go-again/