Erland Johnsens Warm Up !

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 As the two teams have a kick about
Someone’s missing out
Erland never touched the ball
His warm up was devout
He ran for fiftheen minutes
Back and forth across the pitch
He never joined the others
We all thought this a bit rich
He stretched his legs and hamstrings
So they didn’t ping
Exercised his knee joints
His ankles and his shins
I’ve never seen the likes before
Of a warm up as strange as this
Erland came from the Bundesliga
Where such things are not amiss !



All the boys were having a kick about before the match and Erland was the only one who never touched the ball, but really loosened up properly. When asked about it in a programme interview he said that was how he shown to warm up in Germany and that all the joints must be prepared properly for the match or niggling injuries become the norm.

It just looked a bit strange as he was the only one doing it !

We now do it here all the time now.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/erland-johnsens-warm-up/