Existentialist Football Tournaments

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Mister Scolari says that brilliance does not win football matches,
The winners will be the team that makes fewer mistakes,
(Is it the least or fewer? I never know)
And in a way, he’s right, isn’t he?
But what a minimalist safety-conscious way to view the world,
What a naming of the parts mind numbing mentality.
When I look out of the window as I type this,
I see elder flower and blackberry in blossom,
Convolvulus trumpeting its creation,
Roses blooming in Picardy and honeysuckle on the vine,
And I know that Nature is subject to laws
And formations and squads and systems,
Just like football teams and matches,
But it seems to take chances too,
It doesn’t worry about the weather,
Or whether it’s blooming too early,
Or whether there might be a late frost
Or an early death in autumn,
It just does what it has to do.
It doesn’t worry about the opposition,
It just does what it has to do.
It might be time for a Tourney for Existentialists.



I like the drama of it all – but the football’s a bit boring at times isn’t it?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/existentialist-football-tournaments/