F.A. Cup – part 2

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 For Town it was nearly sweet F.A.
Humbled by the “minnows” from Boston.
Clueless against massed defence:
pace of Joachim a constant menace.
( Why is he playing in League 2? )
Passing a la Wilkins:
Crab-like the ball inched forward,
no tempo to our play.
Fans growing more frustrated –
another early exit inevitable.
Resorting to hoof-ball,
blasting it skywards to
the emergency centre forward;
beaten in the air by the
Boston skyscraper – all 6’7″ of him!
Another long ball,
panic in the visitors’ defence,
sliced goalwards by centre half
to be spilled by chocolate wrists keeper;
and wouldn’t you just know it?
Emergency forward knocks it in.
For an instant – jubilation
masks realisation that we have been abysmal.
Home team still hell-bent on suicide
right at the death:
Joachim allowed to pick out a runner
to go one on one with our keeper
who makes a sprawling, flailing save.
Perilous cup status preserved
for another ten days at least.



We got out of jail in the cup yesterday. The performance against Boston – supposedly lower league opposition – was just awful. At least we’re in the draw for Round 2 – small crumbs of comfort.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/f-a-cup-part-2/