FA Cup fifth round

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The Hammers were always far too reserved
Wembley and the FA Cup Final
No place for scandal or libel
A far fetched claret and blue dream
Saints elevated as the perfect team
Angelic and anointed at a feverish St Mary’s
Where the magic of the FA Cup
Told us quite clearly
Southampton were never the Canaries
The fifth round saw the Boro
Fan the fires of Cup shocks
Spurs always chasing against the Regimented clocks
Spurs out of the Cup
Not this year Conte
Boro gave them the full Monty,
Tottenham’s Teeside come uppance
Out of the FA Cup for this year
Above the wear and tear
Sadly, not the Cup too hard to bear
Simply not the coup
Besides the year simply
Doesn’t end in two
So Spurs move lavishly
Towards the Premier League
Heights, concentrating on more realistic sights
But not top four places
Fit to tie the boot laces
Never Champions League
Contenders may not be
Even pretenders
Surely not theirs by divine right
When the mood takes them
Still vibrant though and bright
So Liverpool, Chelsea and inevitably City cruise
Not in the mood for a quarter final bruise
So they sail towards the serenity of calmer seas
The FA Cup will never simply tease
For they are potential semi finalists
Since either Jurgen, Tomas and Pep
Oh yes Pep will give that talk
Walk the walk
Strolling with a supercilious strut
City were far too Posh for Peterborough but
But has the FA Cup more tomfoolery
Up its cunning sleeve
Where others could only give the Cup a mighty heave
Or will City, Liverpool or Chelsea simply reign
Never ready to feign
Because this is the Semi Final, then the Final
No room for mistakes
At the Wembley Arch
Forward go the Saints
Pulsating and ready to march

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This is my FA Cup fifth round review

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/fa-cup-fifth-round/