FA Cup second round again

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Ah there goes the clarion call again
The FA Cup juggernaut shudders into
Vibrant life, the supermarket workers and milkmen
Stirred by the morning call of the FA
Cup charabanc of old, rusting coaches
Their precious day in the limelight
Both Yeovil who have had previous
dalliances with the FA Cup
Are back in the third round, again
Cider and scrumpy first orders night
Toasting Somerset’s finest with glasses
of foaming fuel of alcoholic heaven
And Morecambe as well, if only Eric
Knew of how his team had fared
But Eric followed Luton, but then
His hometown Morecambe
Toppled Buxton, whose
Purest waters are now no longer
Flowing through the streams of our
Lives but Morecambe are through
To the third round
Oh the FA Cup and its level
playing ground, its sense of
Equality where the part timers
Of humble stations in life
Just to feel the distant scent
Of Wembley in their breaths
Then the labourers, the builders,
The hod carriers with muscles
Like boulders carry the burden
Of those little market towns
Where the unknown teams
From the highest mountain tops
Trundle out of the tunnel, dim
Lights from swaying trees
Then the fragile floodlights
Increase their hold and power
On the FA Cup
Their day in the infant days of
Winter when the gusts and gales
Of the teasing, capricious Cup
Glories of the FA Cup second
Round, blow playfully, so close to the back pages
Of history tomorrow
Giant killers, teams from way
Out in Middle England or
Close to suburbia threaten
The bigger boys in the playground
Yeovil against Manchester City
It surely will never happen at the
The third round rendezvous
Where the interlopers and
The modestly ambitious yell
From the highest steeples
Hoping that David
Will slay Goliath and
The world will keep
Oh, the FA Cup



This is my take on today’s FA Cup second round.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/fa-cup-second-round-again/