Falling Out Of Love With Football

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I’ve got no time for it at all
I’m sick of watching my team play
‘close, but no cigar’ football
I’m living in a haze
And my life is going bad
So the last thing I need
Is Millwall driving me mad
I’m living one of those lives
That feels like it’s on hold
I’m stuck in this great big rut
And need to break the mould
Some people are convinced
That relegation, elimination and defeat
Just makes potential future glory
That little bit more sweet
But I’m not falling for that old con
I’m taking matters into my hands
I won’t let the FA feed me lies
And keep me crying in the stands
Spending every spare penny
To watch the Lions crashing down
Out of the playoff places
Further from that crown
I don’t care for losing
I’m not just ‘in it for the sport’
Sinking any lower
Is a less than bearable thought
Every time a goal goes in
I feel a little more depressed
I suddenly feel queasy
And my tear ducts decongest
At the thought of losing yet again
To opponents we could match
If only this foul sense of negativity
Could possibly be detached
Bet yet, I keep on dreaming
Of a day where we can be
Fighting for a title
Not to stay in the league
Of a day where my team isn’t a target
Of ridicule and disgust
But of green-eyed jealousy
Who’s players are transfer window musts
Musts for the bigger teams
Who one day, we’ll destroy
And ride to the Premier League glory
I longed for as a boy
But it won’t be in the near future
Not in my lifetime
So instead of falling out of love with football
I wrote this little rhyme
To give me a way to vent my frustrations
At all the times we’ve lost
Times standing outside The Den
Moaning about the cost
And most of all, frustration
That the ultimate victory is a dream
Ultimately, I lead an okay life
But why did I pick a rubbish football team?


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/falling-out-of-love-with-football/