Fame! I Wanna Play Forever!!!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Fame can be a burden
That some folks cannot take
You kick a ball you earn good dough
The rest of it’s a fake
Young men who are millionaires
By the age of twenty one
Are better off in the family home
Under gaze of mum
Its enough to turn a young mans head
This fame and all it brings
You’ll lose it all on round-a-bout
Then get ripped off on swings
So as young boys who are but toys
In the dodgy scheme of things
Scramble for the money
And all the perks it brings
Gasciogne, Merson and Adams
They were once like you
But problems that were not foreseen
Soon came in to view
Drink and drugs plus gambling
Ruined three careers
You can’t tell me their managers
Didn’t harbour fears
As long as you play its all okay
The other cheek is turned
But when it all goes pear shaped?
Lessons will be learned!!! Yeah right!!!



As there has been a lot of stuff about George Best on here today, I thought that this was quite topical, somebody, Casey I think thought that today we are able to handle fame and all its baggage better, than the old days. Not too sure about that as the three names above in the poem suggest, George Graham and all the other managers knew what was going on just like Sir Matt Busby before them did. But Fergie seems to be the only one ever to stop it in its tracks, on arriving at Old Trafford, the first thing he did was to get rid of Paul McGrath and Norman Whiteside and then warn Bryan Robson to get his act together, its all there in the book! Judgeing by all the coverage of the off the field antics
of so called stars, I feel we still have a long way to go to address the problem of coping with it all, this fame thing and what happens when one day its all over?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/fame-i-wanna-play-forever/