Football Literacy

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Upon a football pitch
Whence a Dalglish angles punctuates
The essential wisdom
And simplicity of a game
Thus spake Shankly, Busby, Stein
Scottish Steel hewn from the
Collective nouns of Caledonia
Cleaved rhyme reason and glory
From Keegan, Best and McNeil
Dust off old boots in search of lost youth
When streets were packed with dreams
The coats and jumpers that lent themselves
To makeshift goalposts and half arsed goals
The ironic prose
Of players lost for words
Ideas spent like washed out kits
And spelling skinned the names on shirts
Whilst verbs and adverbs
Rain down from a terrace
Teeming with wit
And football poets dream
Of words for goals
Of titles earned
Heroes Villains speak ‘Football’
Aye Football, with its potent language
In black puma boots
And fingers stained with print off Saturday’s Pink
In the vocabulary of romance,
Grassroots metonymy and metaphor
Lend us your boots, football is the food of love
Still beautiful, beautiful game.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/football-literacy-3/