Football Makes Kids of Us All

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We throw our hopes out like nets out to sea
For 90 minutes of “if only”
Love, despair the recipe the same… it is all,
Do we hear the heartstrings snap
As our world hangs over the abyss
Of a goalpost
By the skin of its breath
Can we watch again as children?
Can we once more race across neglected parks
Shouting our names to the night
The wish of the moon burning holes in our pockets
For it is our hearts that glow luminous
As we team (sic) forth the light growing stronger
We fireflies of football we come together
Within this celebration, upon this Eden terrace,
Of hope, the faith, the love
We the football tribe with all of our splendid colours
We have songs to sing, we have such songs to sing
As we forge our journey through life
We are resplendent in our shirts
We wear them with pride,
They say ‘This is me, this is my love, I am proud’
And as we pass through the gates
As men and women
We stand on the terrace as boys and girls again
Our eyes and our hearts feast on the canopy of football
And we see that its grass is so very, very green.



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