Football Speaks And What It Means

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 He’s got a good engine – Runs around aimlessly.
Midfield Dynamo – Energetic, but offers little else.
Physical Player – Fouls opposing players a lot.
A poacher – A lazy goal-hanger.
A donkey – Not only found on beaches, but every club has had one.
A squad player – Not good enough for a regular first team place.
A veteran- Player who’s coming to the end of his career.
A nutmeg – Taking the mickey.
Specsavers – Where Neil Warnock says most referees should have gone to.
We’ll defend deep- One up front, ten behind him.
I’ll play him in the hole- Position given to player, when his manager hasn’t a clue where else to put him.
Loan spell will do him good- Because he’s been rubbish here.
Magic Sponge- A wonder invention, has supernatural powers.
A local Derby- A game where you hate a workmates team.
He’s not for sale- That player is for sale.
He’s not going anywhere- That player will go somewhere.
I’m gutted- Just lost.
We wuz robbed- Just lost.
Sick as a parrot- Just lost.
Over the Moon- Just won !



You can tell I’ve been a football fan a long time, get more cynical season after season ! It’s all light hearted stuff, but one thing is definetly true, and that is the magic sponge. It must have mighty powers,because how many times have you seen a player rolling about in agony, to suddenly jump to his feet, after being dabbed with it ?
I tell you, it is a miracle !!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/football-speaks-and-what-it-means/