Football Widows!

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The quare one says
‘I’m giving you a choice
Every week its the football
And boozing with the boys’
‘But darlin’ says the football fan
Through a boozy reddened face
‘You don’t understand it lover
We’re in the title race’
‘I’m not interested in yer title race
I’m giving you a choice
Whats it to be me or them
Have you lost yer voice?’
‘Okay doll lets face it
Your life with me’s not fun
Your a football widow
And your not the only one
I’ve had a think about it
And here’s what we should do
The removal van is on its way
And your cab will be here soon!’

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How do the girls feel when the fella’s are off at the match with the chaps every week?



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/football-widows/