Frank Zachary Frumpet

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Frank Zachary Frumpet flew to France
To see his Favourite Football team play.
It cost him a lot of money
To fly over for a day.
It was the first leg of a European game
And his high hopes were held.
He’d been resting his voice for the past two days
So clear instructions could be yelled.
He fed on frog legs and fish
Before finding his way to the ground.
When he got there he thought it was strange,
As he couldn’t hear any sound.
He found someone he could ask
And said, ‘I hear no sound at all
Where’s the traffic and the fan’s
Who paid to see the football.
The man replied, ‘But Monsieur
A mistake you have clearly made
The first leg is in England,
Here’s where the second leg’s to be played.
Your journey need not be wasted,
Now you’ve the perfect opportunity
To use this mistake to your advantage
And see some more of my country.’
So Frank he took a holiday
And more of France he did see
But he knew that from now on
He’d check his tickets more carefully.



This is sort of about atmosphere, as in if you go to the wrong ground there will be absolutely no atmosphere… It is a stretch I know…

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/frank-zachary-frumpet/