Friendly or unfriendly

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The press clamoured for the call
You picked Mick and he did nothing at all
Thanks a million Sven
You gave him a half against the Dutch
but didn’t really rate his quality much
Thanks a million Sven
In forty five minutes it was plain to all
one midlands boy was not worth the call
Thanks a million Sven.
The breakthrough star was Mr pace from Villa
Ricketts performed like a lethargic Godzilla
Thanks a million Sven
You knew he wasn’t near good enough
But stopped the press from writing more of that stuff
Thanks a million Sven
Somehow Michael believed he would get a chance
to partner Owen and Becks in a world cup war dance
Thanks a million Sven
With ego inflated along with his fee
back to the team that pushed him up the tree
thanks a million Sven
11 months later 3 pens on the board
not one single open play goal had he scored
thanks a million Sven
Did he knuckle down strain and battle for form
No he waited for the window and kept the bench warm
Thanks a million Sven
Form flashed a light in a Geordie Christmas battle
Just a pre window agents collecting bowl rattle
Thanks a million Sven
Off he went to the coast where the sky is yellow
and proved himself an arrogant fellow
Thanks three and a half million Sven.



Michael Ricketts love affair with Bolton ended when he made his only ENGLAND START.. A START that the press had demanded that had more to do with shutting up the tabloids by exposing Michael’s lack of suitability for the highest class. Ending the media campaign faster than you could miscontrol a straightforward pass.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/friendly-or-unfriendly/