From The Ashes A New Era Of Hope

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It’s not the colour of your skin,
But the heart that beats therein.
The help you give along the way,
A smile to say “have a nice day”
A hand to give for no return,
It’s sad if you let hatred burn.
To covet the things that are not yours,
And set fire, loot and knock down doors.
For you will wear the badge of shame,
It’s easy to shrug, pass the blame.
Once in life we all pass this way,
When your time is near, on that day.
Will your maker say, when you go,
“The man has reaped, what he did sow”..



The people who have had their liveliehoods taken away need help, It would be a good idea for the F.A to show a bit of initiative to rearrange the Holland game or pick a GB side to play England. The tickets are already sold and the F.A could give the gate money to the on-going fund.

I am sure all football fans who brought tickets would agree.

Editor: Re Match suggestion.: good idea.

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