Full credit to Elton

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Full credit to ELTON JOHN
The music of this genius
shaped the football in 1984

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Yes my heart is beating for
Yes my heart is beating for EVERTON
but full respect to ELTON
(Watford F.C)

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 RED and YELLOW WATFORD
met in the FA Cup Final
presenting the colors of flamboyance
and all the oceans



It has taken Fates three times to weave patriotic flag in giving Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United and Everton a practice match at Wembley in March and taking away the captain of their opponents in May. They have helped to tie red-white-and-blue ribbons to the FA cup and sent the trio to wave Union Jack in Europe. Such an astonishing sequence seems almost too neat to be accurate but it is not exaggeration to say that fortune has chosen to ignore the losers in each of the finals. In 1982 the resurgence of Queens Park Rangers was halted by the woodwork. In 1983 the ambitions of Brighton died at the feet of Smith. In 1984 the hopes of Watford were broken within an hour.From the first minute when Barnes gave Southall an opportunity to illustrate his agility to the thirty-seventh when Taylor escaped through the fourth hole to be ripped in Everton’s protective fencing they looked ready to wear unexpectedly triumphant smile by the end of the afternoon.Their supporters dressed as vividly as sunlit field of red and yellow tulips had seen Barnes (twice) Johnston and Taylor bursting through alone towards them.Regularly accustomed to such sights at Vicarage Road they would have expected at least one of those runs to finish with the goal. None did. Three efforts were blocked, the other was inaccurate. In the next minute Everton took the lead through a touch of luck The ball bounced off the outstretched legs of Stevens and Barnes and ricocheted straight to Sharp not the most reliable of Everton’s marksmen who was only marginally on-side. In turning and scoring off the post he lived up more to his name than his reputation.After Southall pulling down Jackett’s dangerous chip with one hand had strengthened his claim to be most improved if not the best goalkeeper in the country. Sherwood confirmed the fear that he would be one of the Watford’s main weaknesses. Even so many referees would not have allowed Everton’s second goal to stand. The loss of the suspended Rostron was to prove even more substantial than expected. His understudy, the hapless Price, lent neither support in attack nor could he hope with his immediate foe whether he had an “S” on the end of his name or not.Steven and Stevens were to cause irreparable damage on the right. Had Rostron been there for instance, Steven would not have been able to cross so freely as in the fifty-second minute. Although Sherwood was not helped by the presence of Terry his own centre-half he should still have been positive enough to gather it cleanly. ANDY GRAY’s untidy challenge did little to clear up the ensuing mess. The contribution of Callaghan was equally decisive. It was almost negligible. Bailey will take some credit for that but it was nevertheless disturbing to see England ‘s potential right winger fail even to attempt to take on his full back. When Callaghan produced his lone threatening centre from deep and 10 minutes from time Johnston was ruled off-side. Graham Taylor remained philosophical in defeat. His side youngest ever to appear in the final had not only provided their followers with a day to remember but also gained the experience of a lifetime. He had no right to expect his rebuilding programme to finish at Wembley, but having done so he can look forward to reaping the rewards next season. Everton’s horizon so dark in December is also dazzlingly bright.Howard Kendall the youngest manager to triumph in the final has watched his team emerge so rapidly that, since the turn of the year they have surpassed even Liverpool for consistent success.The recent addition of Bracewell has improved an already impressive squad. Now that they ended their 14 years of living in the shadow of their neighbours they can for once carry optimism into the future. When they lift the curtain in the Charity Shield next August they will no longer feel that they are challenging Liverpool for the one afternoon.(THE TIMES MONDAY MAY 21 1984)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/full-credit-to-elton/