Get The Beer In

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 2 Watching the game in the club
get in early to get a seat,
they’ve installed a big new screen
it really does look smart and neat.
An hour to go before kick off
the place is now filling up,
they’ve come to watch the Three Lions
go all the way and lift the cup.
Now the bar and lounge is packed
the drink has started to flow,
then both teams walk on out
the match starts so here we go.
England go one up early on
Harry Kane finds the net,
only four minutes on the clock
so there’s a long time to go yet.
Young drinkers are leaping about
embracing each other with a jump,
but us “older” fans remain seated
and make do with a fist pump.
It’s now half time get the round in
queues are forming for the loo,
“It’s coming home,its coming home,”
the singing has started up now too.
Second half has only just started
as “Slab head “Maguire nuts it in,
the whole place has now erupted
we can relax now as we are going to win.
By the end of the match and the final whistle
this marvelous young team have scored four,
many drinkers stand and raise a glass
as some youngsters end up on the floor
Some drinkers head on out the door
but many just don’t want to go home,
as young girls in England shirts
are taking selfies upon their phone.
So that was a really lively evening
full of atmosphere and cheer,
it definitely is coming home isn’t it
this is going to be England’s year ?



What a night in the local club on Saturday it was like being at a match ! Not everyone likes a noisy boozer to watch games I guess, but if you cant get to the real thing it can be the next best option.
I’ve watched all the Euro games at home,but I’ve always enjoyed going to a watering hole to watch England, enjoy the atmosphere. Cheers !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/get-the-beer-in/