Give us a P

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against our name,
the P shines brightly for
all and sundry to see
as we look down from
our lofty perch, lord of
all we survey.
In football parlance P is
a good letter because it
stands for Promotion.
By contrast R is a letter
of doom, taboo because it
signifies Relegation and
ooh hoo relegation’s
not what you need.
‘Give us a P, Paolo,’
we pleaded when the
Italian maestro arrived.
He promised us a P
and fair play to him:
he has delivered.
Now we can celebrate
with a P party.



We are the Swindon, we’re top of the league. Promotion is confirmed; all I want to see now is a C against our name.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/give-us-a-p/