Glenn Crowe’s First Goal Against Glentoran

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 And thus Glenn Crowe, of barrell’d fame
And stocky legs and shaven head,
Yet leaner in his waistline spread,
Did glance up and take careful aim.
And as yon football left his toe,
Bold Time itself appeared to freeze
Upon the incandescent breeze
And pass by most exceeding slow.
And as Glens’ keeper did retreat,
A look of panic in his eyes,
His face upturn’d to leaden’d skies,
We wonder’d at his strange conceit.
And as the ball soared through the air,
I made my way down from the stand
With Euro five clutched in my hand,
The hunger more than I could bear.
And thus I queu’d for bag of chips
Which came to me enwrapp’d in steam
And, as in some delicious dream,
I lick’d the salt from off my lips.
And then, with final chip devour’d,
I ambl’d off toward the loo,
And did whate’er I had to do
And stroll’d back to my place empower’d.
And, just as I regain’d my seat,
The ball, still trav’lling ‘gainst the sky
Did change it’s orbit, by and by,
As gravity impos’d defeat.
Evading thus the keeper’s threat
Of palming out it’s joyous spree,
The ball descended with great glee
Into the Glen’s unguarded net.
And though we sang with sweet refrain,
We felt departure from God’s Will,
For though sweet Time cannot stand still,
Yon scoreboard never mov’d again.



Crowe scored a 40 yarder in Shels opening Setanta Cup game against Glentoran, which Shels won 3-0

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/glenn-crowes-first-goal-against-glentoran/