Hamburg 0-1 West Green United

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 You can’t sit here, you must sit there,
football’s become too much to bear.
Stewards yelling—– “stay in your seat”
Chairmen dictating what we eat.
You can’t eat meat, or have a smoke,
the game has now become a joke.
The tannoy tells fans when to sing.
The fans are puppets on a string.
Soon they’ll tell us, we can’t drink beer,
“God forbid if the natives cheer.”
Chairmen worried for our health
sell organic to up their wealth.
The name West Ham they’ll take away
but the goalies Green so they’ll be okay.
No industrial language for that is bad,
No asking the ref does he have a dad.
No telling the linesman he needs new gogs
No steak and kidney, or large hot dogs.
Games postponed cos of a little ice
We took Sky’s money now we’ve paid the price.
Yes the way the things are, be very afraid,
cos the game’s now run by the prawn brigade.



Bet the old time Chairmen, some of whom, ran chains of butcher shops are rolling in their gravy. Of course the British public will take these changes with a little moan down the pub, then except that fad word ‘CHANGE’ and let the new breed of owner dictate to them how they should conduct their lives. I can imagine the uproar if an owner tried to ban hot dogs or burgers at an American football, or baseball arena. Cairo would be a picnic gathering.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/hamburg-0-1-west-green-united/