Harry Cripps.

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Comes dancing on the outside
Then twists to go inside
An elderly full back
Is having prolems with this
Thay happen to coincide
With a lack of fitness
A shortage of pace
But a heart as big as a house
This man here’s a giant amongst men
He’ll cook this wingers grouse
The next time he comes along down the wing
A bobbing and a weaving
The full back gives it to him hard
This, your better believing
The winger lies on the ground in a heap
He leg profusely bleeding
A voice in the crowd says
‘ Harry Cripps will you finish the job
That winger is still breathing’

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This is a tale that I heard from the days of the Old Den. Harry Cripps was one hard man. The langauge has obviously been cleaned up so that I can increase my fan club amongst the young with good clean well put together poems.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/harry-cripps/