1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The anniversary is upon us once again
Hard to believe twenty three years have passed us by
Longer then I have been alive
For three and twenty years lies have been believed
As innocent survivors were blamed
For the deaths of their friends, their family
But you can’t blame the fans
Not when you bother to dig deeper
The police they said the fans were rioting
Only one ambulance allowed inside
Two paramedics for thousands
Whilst forty ambulances were stuck outside
I’ve read an account of one of the paramedics
Inside Hillsborough on that fateful day
And by the end tears covered my face
It may have seemed as though the fans were rioting
But really they were doing what the emergency services weren’t
They were trying to save lives that day
Sure they must have been scared
But they were brave
Helping one another out of the pens
Pulling down advertising boards for stretchers
Whilst being forced back by the police
The Liverpool fans should never be blamed
For what happened at Hillsborough that fateful day
The police only made things worse
Believing the stereotypes they heard
Paramedics and fire crews were never given a chance
So you see Liverpool fans should never be blamed
Because if they hadn’t of continued
To try to help one another to survive the crush
Despite the police forcing them back
Then perhaps a lot more could have perished
And now twenty three years later
We’re still helping each other to grieve
To talk of what happened
To educate those who do not know the truth
To fight the lies and injustice
Nobody thought this far along
We’d still be fighting for justice but we are
Because if we haven’t given up yet
Then we never will
And we wait for the day that justice finally comes



You’ll Never Walk Alone
Justice For The 96
Gone But Never Forgotten

here is the account I mentioned please take the time to read it

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/hillsborough-6/