How I nearly drove the bus!

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said our teacher, as we took the ride,
on the school bus, to the astro turf pitch,
hoping the game went without a glitch.
We prided ourselves on being tight at the back,
that, and absolutely lethal on the attack.
“if you keep a clean-sheet” (he looked around at us),
“I’ll let Non Humphries drive the bus!”
Our left-back now looked quite sick (she’s been in a go-kart with me),
And all the team was giving me stick, coz that’s something they’d have to see.
Against the odds, 5-0 we won that bet,
and it is something I’ll never forget,
when I said nothing, and made no fuss,
just sat behind the wheel in the bus.



This was a couple of years ago now, I hasten to add that I did not actually get to drive the bus, probably much to the relief of everyone else present at the time!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/how-i-nearly-drove-the-bus/