HTV – The One That likes to say “yes!”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 HTV is the one for me;
especially as I support City.
No mention of the Robins
from Swindon Town
( or maybe that they’re going down ).
Grudging respect for men in green,
from Huish Park, the Yeovil team;
Only interested in Cheltenham
when the Toon arrive in town,
but the F.A. Cup’s for the BBC
and anyway it’s not City.
Occasional talk of Bristol Rovers,
but pretty soon it’ll all be over
and in any case the rugby there
is definitely better fare.
So I’ll settle down with my dinner plate
to watch the boys from Ashton Gate
as they murder the opposition,
but get done by biased ref’s decision,
a fact confirmed by our reporter
who witnessed the total slaughter
and, like me, was overcome
and very, very glum
to realise that the City boys
( with fans who make such little noise )
are just an ordinary team
and that we can only dream
of playing Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool
instead of Yeovil, Swindon, Hartlepool.



It is a standing joke in Swindon and the surrounding area that the local tv company, HTV West, supports Bristol City at the expense of the other teams in the vicinity.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/htv-the-one-that-likes-to-say-yes/