I Could’ve Been A Lion

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Is that a bandwagon?
Can’t you hear the noise?
Time to pile down The New Den
We’re all lifelong Millwall boys.
In the Tinpot Paintpot area final
Just one round from Wembley Way
Dreaming of another game under the Arch
South-east London going up north for the day.
Fifty thousand Lions at Wembley
It could be even more
All ‘lifelong’ supporters
Yes, you know the score.
They’ve always been Millwall
Stood on the ‘Halfway Line’
Never missed a game at the old Den
Come rain or shine.
Been a fan for centuries
Millwall through and through
Just ain’t been dahn there recently
But got a Lions tattoo.
I’ve never lied to you
Dulwich Hamlet are my side
Never been a proper Lion
Not really one of their pride.
In my younger days I was ‘naughty’
Might’ve had a Bushwacking mate
Was one of many on the pitch at Luton
On that infamous FA Cup date.
Always had a soft spot for Millwall
But grateful I didn’t stand on the C.B.L.
I’m certain my love of Dulwich Hamlet
Kept me out of a prison cell.
I had my hairy moments
Not just in a “Football Factory” adoring way
Having a tear-up at Millwall
Wasn’t just a game to play.
I’ve been on my toes at Reading
Chased by some idiot with an axe
Been separated at Cardiff City
Totally on my jacks.
Now i’m older and wiser
All that stuff’s not for me
But I can’t pretend to lie to you
I want see Millwall at Wem-ber-lee!
The difference is I know I’m part time
And that’s stretching the term
Never been one to give it large
Pretending I’m one of the firm.
And if the worst comes to the worst
And ‘we’ lose to Oxford United
Well I’ve got mates who support them too
At least for them I’ll be delighted!



( Millwall won at Southend United on Tuesday night, to reach the area final of the Johnson Paints Trophy, and now face Oxford United in a two-legged tie, to see who reaches the final at Wembley. I’ve a ‘soft spot’ for Millwall, as they are the local professional team for me; many of my old friends at school were Millwall fans, & I went there a few times in my younger days. Now I’m a ‘one or two games a season’ fairweather fan. But my first & only true football love has always been Dulwich Hamlet.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/i-couldve-been-a-lion/