I Really Should Get Out More !

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This poetry lark’s a bore ?
Shall I venture down the Fulham Road to hear those Blue Boys roar ?
Staying in is crazy
I’m getting kinda lazy
Shall I have a walk to Stamford Bridge to see Hernan Crespo score ?
I’m running out of subjects
I owe it to me public
Shall I write another poem on how to worship and adore ?
I can’t wait for the season
I don’t need a reason
After it’s in me veins at first game, I’ll just want more, more, more !
Adrenalin is pumping
Me heartbeat is a thumping
Me vocal chords are practising words to Shedheads repertoire !
Me tickets in me sky*
There’s a twinkle in me eye
I’ll soon be off to paradise to sing words of sweet l’amour !



*Sky-rocket cockney slang for pocket.

Yes I really should get out more, now the close season is over I will !



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/i-really-should-get-out-more/