I remember when there used to be linesmen

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My Da was a linesman,
He didn’t wave a flag or call for offside,
He restored electricity when the weather was wild.
Whether there was hail or snow or wind or rain,
My Da and his crew got the power on again,
He wasn’t a middle aged man in ill fitting shorts,
Calling a foul even if there was none.
My Da didn’t raise his flag very late,
When the electricity was out he didn’t hesitate,
Now its all change, they’re called ‘referees assistants’,
But the linesmen are still there, dedicated and persistent.



This is dedicated to my late father who worked as a linesman with the E.S.B. (electricity supply board) for over 35 years. He and all the other linesmen did a fantastic job restoring power in the worst weather and still do. Referees Assistants wave little flags.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/i-remember-when-there-used-to-be-linesmen/