I was wrong! – Open letter to Steve Gibson

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10th March 2010
The Chairman
Mr. Steve Gibson
Middlesbrough F.C.
Riverside Stadium
Middlesbrough TS3 6RS

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Dear Mr. Gibson

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 Boro made a mess of defending opener against the Bluebirds,
They were running around like headless chickens and that is absurd.
From the word go the players should be hard-working,
And not be carefree and not be smirking.
I feel a person has to be strong
And admit when he is wrong.
To think that players should marry
and the number of their children at least six,
This I feel would not Boro’s problem to fix,
You need to come down like a ton of bricks.
The minimum number of children
for each player should be twelve
I hope this master plan will be left on the shelf.

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