Is Sir Alex Ferguson Suffering From Memory Loss?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Sir Alex, have you memory loss?
Or is it cos your ManYoo’s boss?
Trying to lure Rio to Stamford Bridge?
He’s not in our plans, understand, you dig?
Whats Rio doing out on his own
Did he call you on his phone
You speak as if your squeaky clean
Talk to Kenny Dalgliesh about Roy Keane
I think your gripes are just a sham
Cos after all who tapped up Japp Stam?
Its there in print In Japp Stams book
If you would take the time to look
If I recall when that book came out
It was you who chucked him out
I won’t mention your sons part in all this
Cos I don’t want a Glasgow kiss
Your past your prime
Relax, sit back
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!

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I don’t dislike Man Yoo but I do dislike this bloke, with he’s I’m above the law attitude. tapping up has been going on for ages, this bloke could have invented it. Why does Roy Keane play for Man Yoo and not Blackburn who he agreed to sign for and why did Alan Shearer never sign for Man Yoo? After the Keane defection, Blackburn told Shearer he could leave them and go anywhere but Man Yoo which is where he wanted to go, but as a condition of leaving he agreed not to join them and signed, instead for the Toon, his home town club, who were not his preferred choice, its all in the books, Dalgliesh, Keanes, etc. Why do Man Yoo and Blackburn very rarely do transfer business together???

All over this blokes tapping up and he has the gaul to accuse us of his favourite pastime! Still thirty Mill for Rio, he could have bought a trio! Leeds must have been laughing all the way to the bank.

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