It Has I Fear Been One Great Year!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It has I fear been one great year
I say this not to gloat
The media were greedier
Than normal for a quote
My man did say
‘There is no way we’ll suffer a defeat’
Like Martha Reeves and the Vandella’s
Fans were Dancing In The Street
As winter changed to summer
I was left behind
I wasn’t need on the journey
That our team took to warmer climes
As Liverpool won the Champions League
And Gooners won the Cup
John Terry, The Premier League trophy lifted up
I’m sad to leave this scene behind
As its opened up my eyes
The journeys to all kinds of places
Made me realize
This game can be addictive
Bring a lump in to your throat
Make you happy and vindictive
Make you sad and make you gloat
I’ve got myself a transfer
That I did not command
As my owner failed to answer
My dry cleaning demands
Its with sadness I must leave you
With a tear I cannot hide
Composure’s what my owner had
As stress levels got high
Oh by the way I forgot to say
Who I am so please take note
Have no fear pure 100% cashmere
I’m Mourinho’s overcoat!!!



Sad to see the back of this………. season and the famous overcoat!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/it-has-i-fear-been-one-great-year/