Its All About Der Money!!!

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Its all about der dosh
Players wages
Managers rages
I wish they’d all sod off
He said this
They said that
His agent wants a deal
Every time that they’re caught out
Like little pigs they squeal
Has honour just got on its bike
To sadly disappear
A contract don’t mean nuffink
Loyalty no fear!!!
Draw yer dough
Then let them know
Your looking for a move
As money becomes yer idol
A God you can’t refuse
Don’t buy yer kids a football shirt
During the close season
This time next year
Yer man won’t be here
For whatever reason
As punters we are stupid
To stand and watch this farce
As £ signs just like cupid
Stab us through the heart!!!



Money….its a drag! By Pink Floyd and they should know they’ve plenty of the stuff!

Its all getting right out of order and doing me head in at the same time as the poem suggests!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/its-all-about-der-money/