It’s all there……In Black n White.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I could not face my breakfast
I had hardly slept a wink
I’d been to the Netty* a dozen times
And my nerves were on the brink.
I tried reading the morning paper
The headlines said it all
A victory for the TOON said Shearer
It’s the MACKEMS wrote Kevin Ball.
The Tyne and Wear derby
Always provides that extra spice
With the pressure now on Keano
As well as Alladyce.
And when Sunderland grabbed the opening goal
I was left feeling rather low
Until Milner popped up to equalise
Just how I’ll never know.
A hapless punt accross the goal
Deceived the black cat’s keeper Gordon
And Mackems cried into their beer
From Peterlee to Dawdon
And let them say that we were lucky
But the record books now state
It’s Twenty Seven years since we lost there
And next season ?………..Make that 28.



As any self respecting Geordie will know a Netty is a tyneside word for toilet……..And Dawdon and Peterlee are the hotbeds of Sunderland support.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/its-all-there-in-black-n-white/