It’s So Cheap It’s Interest Free

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Our stadium was not full
The Carling Cup limbers up
But it’s not sexy enough to pull
Lots of cheering small people
Call cup success from it’s slumbers
Screaming in helium style release
Fuelled by excitement and E-numbers
A crowd of designer clad eight year olds
Cannot pass the Norwich City test
‘Neath the yellow and green painted face
Their wear their Chelsea vest



The cheapest creche in town. It’s great to see children in attendance when their enthusiam is genuine but often they’re only interested in running up and down the steps to go and buy sweets every five minutes or blocking the concourse because they can’t decide whether to have a hotdog with their fist full of ketchup or another gallon of fizzy pop to spill over everyones shoes on the way back to their seat.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/its-so-cheap-its-interest-free/