I’ve Nothing Against the Old Corkies..

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Our urbanly-challenged relations,
Their coach has told plenty of porkies,
And broadcast untrue accusations.
Their fans just despise everybody,
And claim they’re the best in the land.
They really should go speak to Roddy,
The two of them go hand in hand.
Their gates come and go with the weather,
They give a new meaning to ‘fickle,’
With success they come flocking together,
But on bad days, there’s only a trickle.
Their crowds are the envy of many,
And sponsorship deals are extensive,
But they’ll always begrudge you each penny,
And their jealousy’s really intensive.
No I’ve nothing against Cork supporters,
I’m sure some are really all right,
But I’m praying they won’t come and thwart us,
And I’d love if we stuffed them tonight.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/ive-nothing-against-the-old-corkies/