Jim Baxter makes great soup of…..England.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’m told that wee Jim Baxter
Beat England on his own
Its a fact that Scottish fans
Have written down in stone
He strolled around as if the game
Was a kick about on some beach
English defenders were in despair
As Baxter served up treats
He shimmied and stepped over
Caressed the ball at ease
Offered it to his opponents
Then kept it like a tease
A display of intricate midfield play
The likes of which you’ve never seen
Baxter took England to the cleaners
In one fell swop supreme!!!

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I’ve seen this game in parts and Baxter is just majestic! Twist and turns that just left the English boys mesmerised! As they say on Merseyside, and I quote: ‘some days there’s nothing down for you’ well when England met Baxter in all his glory this was one of those days!!! I think this game may have been at Wembley and Baxter was selected for the World eleven to play England after this. Baxter was never the shining light that all Scottish fans expected him to be. But this is him at his very best.



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/jim-baxter-makes-great-soup-of-england/