Jimmy Came From Dingle !

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A one hit wonder single
Was all he ever had to shout about
Till one day in his boredom
He passed the roaring cauldron
So ticketless he bought one of a tout
As he walked up to his seat
His heart did miss a beat
Like kissing someone that you care about
He sat down with the masses
Cheered back heels, flicks and passes
Then knew just what it was, his life was missing out
He now pens rhymes for the chosen
Eurovision and Michael Rosen*
Brookside, The La’s and The Beautiful South
His creativity has returned
Boredom has been spurned
Cos he goes to the match and gets his feelings out !



*Michael Rosen cool London poet who does a lot of work in schools and promotes poetry for all endlessly !



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/jimmy-came-from-dingle/