Jimmy Greaves And His Yen For The Den

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Its the Den in South East London
Spurs are here today
Greavesey’s in the centre circle
Organising play
‘Right boys lets be having you
There’ll be no sarcastic quips
The fans down here are so hard
They have wingers with their chips
Another tip I’m passing on
Is keep clear of the wings
Play your football in the middleof the pitch
That way you’ll keep your limbs
When you take a corner
Don’t go back too far
Otherwise they’ll kidnap you
And hide you in the bar
If we get a penalty
Pray that we do not
There’s no saying
What might happen
With this South London lot
Try to be at the tunnel
Or at least be close
Cos its everyman for himself
When that final whistle blows
If you make it to the dessing room
Thank the Lord for your release
You’ve spent ninety minutes at the Den
And got out in one peice!!!’

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I heard a little bit of this on the old Saint and Greavesey t.v show, the rest I’ve made up!!! Jimmy, in his playing days was always weary of going to the Old Den, as were most people!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/jimmy-greaves-and-his-yen-for-the-den/