Let us Arise and Join Yaya

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against Greedy and Uncaring Bosses)

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 At this stage of my life, the children and indeed grandchildren are measuring my compos mentis by the stories that I tell and the number of times that I tell ‘em,
For they say it is a good way to judge tthe number of active cells left in my cerebellum.
And it is true that I am occasionally prone to bouts of forgetfulness
Like the time I left my walking stick behind at a Rolling Stones concert, which was a cause to me of deep regretfulness.
But I don’t believe that my senile decay is solely responsible for the fact that I cannot recall
My thirty first birthday in work at all at all.
No, I’m fairly certain it is because the occasion was less than memorable,
Stirrable, excitable or even raise-a-tremor-able.
Birthdays aren’t generally celebrated in work in any case,
A situation which, like the poor plebs of the sea, is neither celebrityplaice, nor eliteplaice, but merely commonplaice.
I’m fairly sure it would have yanked some stem in the tangled jasmine of my mind if my boss had presented me with a Bugatti
Or a Lamborghini, or Ferrari or Masarati.
In fact, even if he had broken with tradition
And given me a birthday cake, it might have triggered some flicker of recognition,
But in all probability,
No mention of my birthday would have been made as it might have interfered with my do-the-job ability.
Now, hindsight is a wonderful thing and maybe on mature reflection,
Perhaps they might have given me an extra eighty thousand a week if I had kicked up a fuss about the company’s disrespectful rejection
And I have no idea if YaYa Toure has written a book, but if he has, I might sneak into a bookshop and tear a leaf out of it,
For I’m sure my current employers would be only too glad to recompense me with a large car and an even larger raise – there’s very little doubt of it.



Poor attempt at Ogden Nashiness!

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