1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The car broke down at the Groundwell Farm Industrial Estate,
Technology’s triumph over the plashy rural world
Signified by names like Arkwright Road,
Stephenson Road and Hargreaves Road.
It was like reading an old O level text book,
Whose pages told a tale of Progress, Prosperity and Efficiency;
Meanwhile the car broke down.
After two hours, the truck arrived,
To take us back to where we started from,
The decaying mills and restored weavers’ cottages of Stroud,
While Radio 5 kept us up to date with the scores.
The driver was distraught at Luton’s early concede,
While I punched the air when Swindon scores came through,
A Railwayman and a Hatter passing away the time together.
We got back at half-time.
I started re-reading Pope’s “Rape of the Lock”,
While my wife cut my hair before we went to a party,
( Six on top and four on the sides).
The number 4 clipper fell off
And Trish cut me to the quick and to the skull,
Leaving me with a bald stripe down one side of my head,
While she screamed just like Belinda before the Baron,
As he raped her locks with the forfex.
Who says Time is linear?



I just know that Alexander Pope will pen a reply don’t I?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/life-imitates-art/