Living The Dream

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 For nine long years we dreamed
Of a Premiership return
We made it up as Champions
With 25 million carrots to earn
But what do we dream about now
Each week dreading the score
No hatfuls of goals to gloat over
No kids for a quid any more
We’ve still got Delia, down to earth
But it wouldn’t be a surprise
If the matchday menu was revised
With prawn sandwich flavour pies
No more derbies with the Ipswich
No congas or Locomotion
No more midweek trips to Grimsby Town
No fighting for promotion
We can visit Highbury or Anfield
Hallowed turf at worshipped grounds
Limited tickets are available
Limited to those with mega pounds
So if your teams’ unfancied
Playing Luton, York or Crewe
Dream of joining the Premiership
Know the cost when it comes true
Our days of aiming high are over
As we embrace Premiership arrival
We’re still playing to win
Only hoping for survival



Being a Premiership minnow isn’t as much fun as being a big fish in the old First Division. No chance of singing ‘Championies’ this season except in ironic moments. A win could change everything and I think we’ll stay up.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/living-the-dream/