Long Gone

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 77th minute moment
when fans of commitment
with familial connection
stand up for their community
against corporate greed
of über-high ticket prices
disguised as success
in the beautiful game
which no longer commences
at 3pm each Saturday
to satisfy media appetites
in a mega-brand fight
where winners’ boulevards
are encrusted with gold
while sad losers turn
to dystopian poverty.
As players’ self-indulgence
is brokered by agents
provocateurs of geld
but no connect with fans
seen as mere customers
willing to pay any price
no matter the spectacle
as long as it’s victory.
Yet for those at the cusp
of transient success,
success is still success
no matter clandestine costs
to conurbations, to traditions
where football was once king,
as working class fodder.
Gone. Long gone apart
from on the 77th minute
when decisions are taken
about the exit to be walked
for the good of the game.



Inspired by Michael Calvin’s article in TIoS of 7 February 2016 supporting fans’ stand against the marketing men of EPL clubs

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/long-gone/