1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I’d kill right now to kick a ball,
or to do anything else at all.
I’d kill right now to go in goal,
but I’m stuck in this rut, in this hole.
I know, been told, it’s pretty wise,
when you have exams to just revise,
but I’ll tell you now it’s not much fun,
compared to playing football in the sun,
Physics is just free-kicks,
Maths is making me feel sick,
This time last year,
the shoot-out was my only fear.
But I’d rather Sudden Death than history,
the end result is the same for me,
Losing in Penalties can be forgiven,
but not failing exams, having a bad result given.
I know why I got to study,
But it feels very cruddy,
compared to coming home late,
from the big pitch behind my mate’s estate,
in the evening sun with a mud-laden ball,
nights of doing nothing at all,
the only underachievement to bother me,
was arsenal, the team we’d all love to see,
lifting every cup aloft in victory,
like me if I ever pass my GCSEs.
What now for Arsenal? And for me?
Time will tell and I shall see.



GCSE revision doing my head in. Wish there was a GCSE in football, would ace that one, and call our kickabouts “revising”

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/longing/