Looted Town

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Right from the start our downfall was engineered
Electrical failure left turnstiles shut
Kick off delayed in the wind and the rain
Underway, our captain cleared the hoardings
And disappeared: facing the drop became reality
After 11 minutes, our defence got sloppy
Groundhog Day, our very own copy
One nil down, then Luton hit the bar
We were on the ropes
When ‘the boy from Beccles’ 18 years old
Popped up and scored a goal
Chris Martin, the local hero
But it was to, our old enemy, Noah Veil
We went behind again, Luton had two
With a scratch eleven, what could we do?
Shackell scored to bring us level
2-2: we got our second wind
A point for a draw, hopes were pinned
In the 94th minute, Lappin scores his first for City
– a curled free kick
We only led for 30 seconds
But they were the last 30 seconds of the game
Hurrah – the eternal flame
By giving additional stoppage time
Uriah Rennie melts the misery of relegation



The ‘local’ hero, Chris Martin, is actually from Beccles, SUFFOLK, but we won’t let that spoil our enjoyment of his three goals in the last fortnight…

Luton were well and truly robbed, plundered, fleeced and pillaged of three points…that’s more like it City!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/looted-town/