Macca and Liverpool

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Now Yesterday Macca
Rolled back the years
To misty decades
Of 1960s decadence
When excess and
Beatlemania ruled
The world and
Sir Paul McCartney
Was a young and fertile mind
With designs on greatness
But for a while
Did he pause for a while?
And consider the titanic
Legend of Bill Shankly
At animated Anfield
Where the seeds of the
The Liverpool revolution
Were planted like
The red roses of yesteryear
And now
Ron Yeats was just impassable
Defensively impenetrable
A rock, hard and flinty
And Peter Thompson was
The sorcerer, the conjuror
Flights of fancy, an elusive
Butterfly in the midst of
Thorns and bushes
A capricious soul
Who loved to tease,
Challenge and question
The accepted laws and practices
Of the winger’s art
So did Macca consider
Last night at magical Glastonbury
The wiles and styles of Ian St John,
Ian Callaghan, floating and flitting
Never a chameleon as such
Because Callaghan just obeyed
His masterful instincts
And read the landscape of
The 90 minute hoi polloi
With the studious eye of a
Merseyside student
Swotting for an end of
Term architectural exam
Building original projects
Where the Kop sighed with
Pleasure, just simplicity
On his mind
So maybe Macca
Intoned about getting things
Into his life or was simply
Content to get back to
Where he belonged
Or maybe he was just amazed
About Shanks, drinking in
The delightful beers and lagers
Of joyous adolescence
The heady fragrances of one
First Division League title
After another
A never ending conveyor belt
Of stunning prosperity
On the pitch of green
Or maybe Macca thought
Of Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan
Waving arms, whistling through
Their teeth, pleading, imploring
More hat-tricks please, goals
From all distances
Perhaps Lady Madonna
Was Paul McCartney’s
Dream signing where
Madonna suddenly
Began to sound like
The flawed genius
Of Argentine stock
Full of beefy, lissom
Movements like a gazelle
Flying across the pampas
Once ripping open Sir Bobby’s
England defence
With all the surgical ease
Of the obstetrician
Delicately moving
The first operation
Or perhaps Sir Paul
McCartney may
Have harboured
The glorious ambition
Of just running over
To the Kop
And assuring them
That indeed
Things were getting
Better all the time



This is my take on Sir Paul McCartney’s Glastonbury memorable appearance last night and the Liverpool connection.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/macca-and-liverpool/