May 24

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 There has been the poem about the scandal at the stadium of Real Madrid in 2009
The poem said there there was the warmth of Bernabeu stadium even when Ramos leaves to watch corida
The trick was simple
Now my team mates are on the pitch
and I am very sorry I must go
Ramos thought and left the football ground in the midst of the match
This poem was written on May 24 2009
There is serious and cold man who organized the World Cup in 2006
He was sitting as the Roman Emperor showing his face and stature
that looked as coldest face in the World
That was usual portrait of Franz Bekenbauer
Now the World saw two Ramos headers that sunk Bayern
I mean you can be the most serious football nation of the history
you can really but it is still possible that someone once gave the
priority to the bulls and left the football ground to watch the bulls
is still there to put two headed goals in the net of one.of the most
serious and most proud football clubs of this world
The date of poem speaking about Ramos was May 24 2009
Now Ramos led Real Madrid to the Final of the Champions Leage
Is it true that this match will be played on.May 24 as well



May 24 was day I spoke about Ramos and Ramos stormed his club in the Champions
League Final who will be played on May 24

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/may-24/