Mistaken identity

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Woke up this morning, feeling blue
Went to the wardrobe, chose a shirt of the same hue
But it didn’t feel right, to ally myself to a team so *****
A side that gave up hope, without a fight
So I chose a shirt of white, but thought, hang on, this can’t be right
I couldn’t be seen to support, the crowing Cockerel Conquerors
Even though, as worthy winners, they earned their spurs
So I settled on a shirt of grey, that matched my mood for the day
The previous night, the colour purple would have summed up my rage
And the jerseys the participants should have worn, for to engage
With the old foe, should have had yellow across their bellies
And as for the red mists, that descended in front of our tellies
As the man in black, took the flak
For a decision, so derisory, so erroneous and unjust
And yet, on reflection, not unduly wrong – what he did, was thrust
The red card at the wrong man
For striking out at Teddy Shering-ham
Jimmi was the fall guy, but it was a colleague who let him down
A fellow Dutch International, who brought forth, the animated frown
Jimmi even fell on bended knees
The referee, Mark Halsey, completely ignored his pleas
For he had seen a hand of brown, in a sleeve of royal blue
Extend into Teddy’s face
Certainly not, in a cuddly embrace
And even though it was no more than a slap
Teddy, chivalrously trying, to be ever the decent chap
Implored with the ref, while the real culprit hovered
And for whatever the reason, he couldn’t be bothered
To own up, to come forward, to exonerate Jimmi Floyd Hasselbaink
Fortitude was needed, but unfortunately, he drew a blank
You’d have to wonder why, especially with the all seeing tv eye
And it was from one such clever camera angle
That vindicates the ref, helps us, his mind untangle
From his perspective, his point of view
His decision, promptly made, on cue
Right card, but wrong guy
And so while Jimmi wonders why
It’s plain for the rest of us to see
That it wasn’t the ref who lost the plot
But that clot
Mario Melchiot



Worthington Cup Semi-Final second leg
Spurs v Chelsea
We won’t mention the score!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/mistaken-identity/