My Future Wife

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I think it’s strange, something my dad did say,
About how I’m going to change my mind one day
About getting married, which I do not want to do,
He told me, “Once I felt the same as you.
But I changed my mind and you will also.”
I have to admit that’s a good thing to know,
Because with this knowledge I can prepare
That my future wife, my interests she does share.
I’ll have a list of questions for the potential applicant,
With this I’ll be able to find the exact wife I want.
Like, if I want to watch Tottenham, she couldn’t complain.
In fact I’ll make it necessary for us to meet at White Hart Lane.
Then she’ll be a Tottenham fan, a convenience that will make.
I’ll be able to propose to her during the half-time break,
Then it wouldn’t interrupt our watching of the game,
She’ll be pleased if she’s a fan and she will feel the same.
Then after the game is over, whether we win, lose or draw
We’ll find somewhere we can discuss the game that we just saw.
We will not discuss love or all that yucky stuff,
We’ll discuss why our strikers don’t score nearly enough.
And the date of our wedding, well that will depend,
We can’t get married on Saturday unless the seasons at an end.
So with this and all the questions I think my marriage will be happy.
And my wife will be so pleased that her husband’s me.
But before I can be the perfect husband a wife needs to be found.
I’ll have to keep my eye out when I visit Tottenham’s ground.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/my-future-wife/